Course name Business administration
Study-unit Code 20005306
Location PERUGIA
Curriculum Economia e legislazione aziendale
Lecturer Marco Boccaccio
  • Marco Boccaccio
  • Giuseppe Francesco Dallera
  • 6 ore - Marco Boccaccio
  • 36 ore - Giuseppe Francesco Dallera
Course Regulation Coorte 2017
Supplied 2019/20
Supplied other course regulation
Learning activities Caratterizzante
Area Economico
Sector SECS-P/03
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction Italian
Contents the course deals with the study of state intervention in the light of economic theory
Reference texts Rosen H. S., Gayer T., "Scienza delle Finanze"
Educational objectives the course aims at providing theoretical tools and practical instruments for the analysis of the role of the state in economics
Prerequisites Microeconomics
Teaching methods Frontal lessons
Learning verification modality Written exam with open questions
Extended program the program has as its object the study of justifications, operational structures and the effects of public action. In the first part, the theoretical foundations of welfare economics that govern the reasons for public intervention, the analysis of public goods and the various forms of market failure are clarified. We then move on to analyzing the way in which public decisions are made and the characteristics and limits of the voting rules. Closely related to this part is the analysis of the behavior of bureaucracy, its inefficiencies and corruption. we then move on to the study of some forms of public expenditure (e.g. pensions, healthcare, etc.). Finally we consider the main problems of state financing.