Course name Economics of tourism
Study-unit Code 20097906
Location ASSISI
Curriculum Impresa turistica
Lecturer Giovanni Maria Berti De Marinis
  • Giovanni Maria Berti De Marinis
  • 63 ore - Giovanni Maria Berti De Marinis
Course Regulation Coorte 2018
Supplied 2020/21
Supplied other course regulation
Learning activities Caratterizzante
Area Giuridico
Sector IUS/05
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction Italian
Contents The course will focus on analyzing the main issues related to consumer relations with a specific focus on all those consumerism relations that characterize the right of tourism. While on the one hand the tourist, as a consumer, can certainly benefit from the protections contained in the consumer code for the protection of the weak contractor, on the other hand, it is undeniable that there are further sectoral rules (the so-called tourism code for all ) Which lay down specific provisions that highlight the peculiarities of the tourist / professional relationship. The course will therefore focus mainly on analyzing the discipline of the negotiating relationships that may arise between the tourist / consumer and the professional as well as on the peculiar aspects of the nature of remedies that characterize the matter.
Reference texts G. RECINTO, L. MEZZASOMA e S. CHERTI (a cura di), Diritti e tutele dei consumatori, Napoli, ESI, 2014
Educational objectives The aim of the course is to provide students with a knowledge of the law of consumption and tourism that allows those who intend to work with a touroperator, travel agencies or tourism companies of any nature, to relate properly to the problems Related to the conclusion of contracts typically belonging to these markets
Prerequisites Appropriate knowledge gained during the course of your studies
Teaching methods Frontal lessons
Other information None
Learning verification modality Oral examination

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Extended program The sources of consumer law and the right of tourism; Market discipline and the protection of the tourist / consumer; The definition of consumer; The definition of tourist; The definition of a professional; The peculiarities of "tourism professions"; The pre-contractual protection of the tourist / consumer; The regulation of advertising and incorrect commercial practices; Harassment clauses; The protection null; The sale of consumer goods; Distance contracts; Reservations on-line tourist services; Contracts negotiated out of business premises; Consumer credit; Timeshare; The sale of packages turistici; The ruined holiday damage; Inhibitory action and class action